A Platform for Women Working and Investing in Technology that will Help the World Combat the Climate Crisis, Support Mitigation and Adaptation.
Our members are mid to senior level women in climate technology and investment companies around the world. We come together once a month to share ideas, network, build our speaking and professional profiles, and contribute to the growth of diverse thought in the climate tech arena.
Cofounder - Business Development Manager, SOLVillion

Aia Abul-Haj

An award-winning engineer with 9+ years of experience in Business Development,
Aia Abul-Haj has a BSC in industrial engineering and a Master in Built Environment, she is currently co-founder of SOLVillion which provides Solutions in the Water & Sanitation Field.
CEO, Soapbox Project

Nivi Achanta

Nivi Achanta is the founder and CEO of Soapbox Project, a media startup that makes it easy for busy people to take action on causes they care about. Each week, they send out bite-sized action plans on social and environmental issues.
Vice President of Growth, Energeia

Aashna Aggarwal

Aashna is a student of MS in Sustainability Management at Columbia University & holds a BS in Economics from Duke University. Previously, she has worked on climate change and cleantech projects in India, Peru, United States, Switzerland and Zambia.
Co-Founder & Head of Product, EarthUP

Mandi Ainslie

Mandi Ainslie is a data scientist, behavioral economist and software designer focused on using software to facilitate behavior change. As a co-founder of EarthUP, she has built a platform that simplifies sustainable living.
International Trade Advisor (Energy & Infrastructure), UK Department of International Trade

Teju Akande

Teju is a business mentor and adviser to UK SMEs in the energy and infrastructure sector. She works with C-Suite to develop new strategies and structures for business resilience, expansion growth and sustainability to transition to low carbon economy.
Process Engineer, Cemvita Factory

Samantha Albright

Samantha Albright is a Chemical Engineer with experience in Chemicals Manufacturing. She is currently a process engineer at Cemvita Factory where she applies her industry knowledge to develop the back-end operations for biotech processes.
Director, Drawdown Labs, Project Drawdown

Jamie Alexander

Jamie Alexander is the founding Director of Drawdown Labs at Project Drawdown, where she leads the organization’s work with the private sector to deploy climate solutions at scale.
Chief Financial and Strategic Officer, SELF - Solar and Energy Loan Fund

Maria Duanne Andrade

Since 2013, Duanne Andrade serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of the Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF), Florida. Andrade is responsible for raising capital as well as overseeing all financial aspects of SELF
Executive Director, Signal Tech Coalition

Quinn Antus

Quinn is the co-founder of Signal Tech Coalition. She is an experienced non-profit leader and has supported the social impact of hundreds of entrepreneurs at the intersection of tech and social impact.
Senior Associate, SecondMuse, Electric Vehicle Integration Engineer, General Motors

Rachael Aptowitz

Rachael Aptowitz is a mechanical engineer and project manager with a background in the automotive industry. She currently leads the NYSERDA Scale For ClimateTech program, which accelerates hardware startups to market through manufacturing support.
Co-founder, Himalayan Innovations

Sadikshya Aryal

Ms. Sadikshya Aryal, is a women tech entrepreneur, Co-founder of Social Enterprise Himalayan Innovations and founding member of “Rural Development Initiative (RDI).  She leads Girls4rurals in Nepal.
Researcher, Advanced Power and Energy Program

Maryam Asghari

Maryam Asghari is a PhD Researcher in the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine and recipient of NSF GRFP fellowship. Through her research, she brings novel solusions to energy problems for building a 100% renewable and sustainable future.
Investment Associate, Congruent Ventures

Logan Ashcraft

Logan Ashcraft is a venture capital professional based in San Francisco. She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins and Yale. Logan is an avid supporter of female founders and investors. In her free time, she sails competitively and teaches yoga.

Expert Innovation Engineer, Pacific Gas and Electric

Nkiruka Avila

Dr. Avila is an engineer and technical product manager with deep expertise in microgrid technologies, electricity access, climate change mitigation, and decarbonization strategy. She sits on the Board of Directors of Grid Alternatives Bay Area.
Global Director of Sustainability and Citizenship, TransUnion

Cristina Banahan

Cristina is an experienced Sustainability Leader specializing in climate change issues. She holds a Juris Doctor and Climate Law Certificate from Vermont Law School. Quoted by national newspapers, cited by financial blogs, and published by several academic institutions
Membership & Engagement Manager, SASB, Ceres

Rebecca Bar

Rebecca Bar is an enthusiastic and energized sustainability professional with experience in the nonprofit world, working to facilitate private sector and institutional engagement on ESG reporting, sustainable investing and climate action.
CEO & Founder, Community Energy Labs

Tanya Barham

Tanya is a transforming spirit, innovation & vision into concrete action. She has early 20 years experience as an innovator, entrepreneur & utility nerd. She executes all aspects of technical service, product development, operations from idea phase to scale.
Account Manager, Measurabl

Melissa Bartow

Melissa Bartow focuses on the intersection of sustainability, real estate, and technology. As an early employee at Measurabl, the past five years she has been working with real estate owners and occupiers to measure, manage, and report on ESG data.
Partner Customer Success, Spare-it

Carine Bataille

Willing to do more for the environment, Carine joined Spare-it, a Boston-based cleantech startup that uses workplace live data to help companies engage their employees through a waste reduction challenge, while fostering a sustainability culture.
Co-founder, Tomorrow's Air & Vice President Global Strategy at Adventure Travel Trade Association, Adventure Travel Trade Association

Christina Beckmann

Christina Beckmann is Co-founder at Tomorrow’s Air, the world’s first collective of passionate travelers who clean up carbon from the atmosphere via direct air capture. She also has a management consulting and sustainable travel background.
VC Associate, Touchdown Ventures

Olga Belyanina

Olga an early and growth stage VC focused on sustainability and supply chain.
Sustainability Developer, IKEA

Sarah Berman

Sarah is transitioning IKEA to an electric yard truck fleet nationally and driving interoperability in the electric vehicle charging market. She is Championing sustainable mobility for IKEA Co-workers and customers. She is also an Ambassador of IKEA’s facility sustainability practice.
President + Founder, Benecomms

Helen Bertelli

Helen Bertelli is founder & president of Benecomms, an award-winning marketing agency with a focus on climate and sustainability. A 23 year communications and marketing veteran, Helen is the founder of Women in Climate Tech, an organization founded to elevate women’s voice in the industry, and she is a member of the Association of Climate Change Officers’ Working Group on the Psychology & Sociology of Climate Denial, Skepticism, and Inertia.
Principal, Creative Director, YoJonesy, Inc.

Stacey Billups

Stacey Billups is an entrepreneurial technologist focused on critical infrastructure projects and skilled in digital product and UX design. A visionary thinker with a broad range of experience in and demonstrate ability to uncover product and design opportunities.
Advisor, Manifest Climate

Katie Blum

Katie is a CPA experienced in helping public and private sector companies perform climate-related risk and disclosure assessments. She supports organizations to integrate findings into business strategy, risk management, and corporate disclosure.
Strategic Communications, Clarifying Complex Ideas

Alisa Bonsignore

Alisa provides an enterprise-wide strategy for content design, development, and governance across silos, improving the user experience (UX). She works with clients in the areas of medical devices, network security, healthcare IT, and sustainability.
Principal, ArcTern Ventures

Tanya Boyko

Tanya is an early-stage VC investing in breakthrough startups addressing sustainability issues (energy, mobility, advanced manufacturing & materials, circular economy, agtech & foodtech). Former operator, management consultant, civil & environmental engineer.
Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultant, AECOM

Elzine Braasch

Elzine is an Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultant on AECOM’s High-Performance team. She specializes in early-stage sustainability innovation, with a focus on improving the health and well-being of occupants within the built environment.

Analyst, 2° Investing Initiative

Catarina Braga

Catarina is a Brazilian economist with more than 10 years of experience in the financial market, focused on sustainable finance, central banking, and macroeconomics.
Associate Consultant, WSP

Tali Brennan

Tali Brennan is an Associate Consultant on WSP’s Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change team. With an educational background in environmental studies and management, Tali provides strategic and analytical support to clients.
Co-founder and COO, Good Tech Lab

Manuella Cunha Brito

Manuella is co-founder and COO of Good Tech Lab. She is driven by the mission of reversing climate change while reducing inequalities. She co-authored “The Frontiers of Impact Tech” and mapped 500+ innovations tackling the UN SDGs.
Senior Electricity Transition Analyst, Ember

Sarah Brown

Sarah joined Ember in October 2020 as Senior Electricity Transition Analyst, leading the research and data analysis on the transition to renewable energy in Europe. Previously she spent 15 years energy trading across European, Australian, and UK markets.
Impact Investor, MBA Student, Chicago Booth

Suzanna Buck

Suzanna is an Impact investor scaling the next generation of solutions-driven business.  Her expertise is in cross-sector sustainability, environmental justice, and the intersection of finance and transformative change.
Senior Consultant, Baringa Partners

Christie Burley

Christie has 5+ years of experience in climate technology, innovation and sustainability, including working for the International Air Transport Association, International Airlines Group, UNEP, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Data Analyst, Robinhood

Jie Cai

Jie is a Data Analyst on Robinhood’s growth team, where she works on customer churn/retention work as well as women’s initiatives. She’s passionate about the intersection of technology and business with sustainability.
Vice President, Rabobank

Stella Cao

Stella Cao is a Vice President at Rabobank. As a member of the project finance team, she is responsible for structuring and execution of project finance transactions in the renewable energy and food & agriculture related sectors.
Director, Strategy & Sustainability, Energy, Environment & Utility Industries, IBM

Elle Carberry

Elle brings global, commercial development experience at the intersection of AI/data analytics and greentech and from growing seven new enterprises in the US and China. She is an entrepreneur in spirit, natural builder of ecosystems and IBM-trained.
Senior Advisor, Javelin Capital // Blue Carbon Lead, Oceans 2050 // adviser to voluntary carbon credit issuers and buyers Current or past relevant employer Javelin Capital, Oceans 2050

Megan Reilly Cayten

Megan works in design, finance, implements and manages low-carbon, high-impact projects and businesses, especially in emerging markets. Currently building a wind farm (Dominican Republic), creating a seaweed blue carbon market, active in voluntary carbon markets.
Sustainability Projects Coordinator, L'Oreal

Anne-Clotilde Chaboussant

Anne-Clotilde is a Scientist specialized in sustainability and cosmetic projects managements.
Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change Consultant, WSP

Jordan Chamberlain

Jordan builds sustainability strategies grounded in data and science. She focuses on driving meaningful action and collaboration throughout the value chain.
Mobility Coordinator, Bedrock Detroit

Caroline Choudhury

Caroline is a mobility professional currently living and working in the City of Detroit. She has always been passionate about environment and sustainability and is seeking climate related career opportunities.
Investment Principal, Future Energy Ventures

Yi Jean Chow

Yi Jean Chow is currently an Investment Principal at Future Energy Ventures (Corporate VC of E.On – Germany energy utility). Previously Head of Product at Verv, an energy tech start-up in London, with a background in operations and strategy consulting.
Intern, The Lightsmith Group

Karina Chung

Karina is a driven intern for The Lightsmith Group aspiring to apply machine learning and data mining techniques to climate science, policy, and finance.
Editorial Director, GreenBiz

Heather Clancy

Heather Clancy is an award-winning journalist specializing in transformative technology and innovation related to corporate climate action. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.
CDO @ Primergy Solar, Primergy Solar, ENGIE, Infinity Renewables, Element Power, Acciona Energy, Clipper Windpower

Emily Cohen

In the last 20 years of her career, Emily Cohen has been devoted to bringing primarily wind, but also solar, projects online to do whatever we can to fight climate change, while being passionate about advancing women in all types of roles within the industry.
Business Development Manager, Eagle Solar & Light

Laura Combs

Laura has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning/Environmental Planning. She won several awards for her work to recover the endangered Florida manatee. She has lived in the Raleigh, NC area 14 years and is having a ball selling solar.
Analyst, Business Development, Clearway Energy Group

Gaby Coseteng

Gaby is passionate about accelerating the global transition to an equitable and decarbonized economy. At Clearway, she supports the acquisition and development of solar, storage, and wind projects across the US.
Chief of Staff, Cemvita Factory

Astrid Countee

Astrid is a biomedical anthropologist and technologist with a background in energy, technology, and social impact projects. She helps lead internal organizations at Cemvita Factory where we create carbon-negative solutions for heavy industry.
Community & Development Lead, INDEED Innovation

Sarah Crooks

Sarah helps our clients capitalize on their potential in the circular economy and the benefits of the triple-bottom-line. By linking business and design, I help create new partnerships, offerings, and strategic opportunities. (Longer bioavailable)
US Head of Marketing & PR, Octopus Energy

Natasha Crowe

Natasha is a digital marketing veteran with over 20 years in the biz. She was able to recently make the jump to represent a brand and mission she cares deeply about at Octopus Energy, an EnTech company enabling cheaper, greener energy for all.
Economist, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Sarah Cullinan

Sarah is a environmental and energy economist, former economics and environmental consultant for clients in law, fianance, Fortune 500, and federal government. Currently, she works in State government as a Regulatory Economist.
Product Manager,
Upstream Tech

Paige Curtis

Paige Curtis‘ interest lies at the intersection of sustainability, equity and impact. She’s currently part of the Product team at Upstream Tech, where she leverages her background in sustainability and business consulting to derive customer insights that inform product planning and prioritization.
National Director, Climate Risk, Insurance Bureau of Canada

Joanna Dafoe

Joanna is an advocate for ambitious climate law and policy, and currently serves as National Director of Climate Change with the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
COPXX Co-founder, WHO Innovation, World Humanitarian Forum Chief Innovation Officer, United Nations, UN Reboot Accelerator, UN Technology Innovation Labs

Dianne Dain

Dianne is passionate about the impact of climate change on women and their children. Mothers will be impacted the most and hold most of the knowledge for survival. The feminine principles of community, care and compassion should lead tech development.
PhD student, Université du Luxembourg

Marie-Alix Dalle

Marie is a Generalist Engineer specialized in water treatment and water quality now working on low-tech water desalination technology.
Engaged in Climate Change sensitization (TeachTheShift) and action (local cooperative grocery shop, community garden…)
Program Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Arcadia

Erin Damato

Erin is a Program Manager at Arcadia where she leads enterprise software implementations. She is responsible for supporting the corporate development team by designing innovative solutions for solar, EV, retail supply, and FinTech companies.
Co-founder, Resilience Domain, Munich Re

Prentiss Darden

Prentiss Darden develops business ventures to build resilience to natural catastrophes and climate risk across industry and government.
Program Director, Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy

Hannah Davis

Hannah is the Program Director for Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy based in Denver Colorado and the co-founder of ClimateRaise, connecting investors with women-led climate tech deal flow.
Product Manager, Arcadia

Jessica Dell

Jessica Dell is a Product Manager at Arcadia, a technology company expanding access to clean energy nationwide, focused on improving Arcadia’s tech stack and internal billing and payment operations.
Vice President, Association of Computational Machinery

Kelly Devan

Kelly is a Data Scientist/Machine Modeler | WiDS Ambassador | Ironman Athlete | Cellist Player (ABRSM/Philharmonic Orchestra)
Partnership Manager, Networks, Activate

Juliette Devillard

Juliette is a systems thinker, strategist, and skilled communicator, working to help deep tech startups commercialize impactful technologies
Director of Engineering, Arcadia

Kerri Devine

Kerri is the Director of Engineering at Arcadia, a platform for consumers to drive demand for clean energy. Her passion lies in building a more sustainable future, which includes increasing diversity in tech.
Intern in the Colgate University Office of Sustainability, Colgate University

Nicole Dienst

Nicole is an aspiring sustainability and corporate responsibility professional. Current junior at Colgate University studying environmental economics and English literature, skilled in large-scale research projects and the implementation of sustainable strategy.
Engagement and Partnerships, NC Institute for Climate Studies

Jenny Dissen

Jenny Dissen is the Corporate Relations and Partnerships lead at NCICS. She serves as the NCICS engagement lead for the NOAA Big Data Program, manages the U.S. Department of State and NOAA U.S.-India Partnership for Climate Resilience.
Sustainability & Energy Coordinator, Raritan Valley Community College

Susan Dorward

Susan studied carbon management at Columbia. Working with the OpenAir Collective ( to advance low-carbon concrete legislation (A5223) in NJ. I am the Sustainability & Energy Coordinator at Raritan Valley Community College in NJ.
Senior Associate, Better Ventures

Jessica Eastling

Jessica is a Senior Associate at Better Ventures, an early-stage venture firm in Oakland backing mission-driven founders. At Better Ventures Jessica focuses mainly on supporting sustainability and health-focused companies.
Manager, Clean Energy Transportation,
Pacific Gas & Electric

Nicole Efron

Nicole Efron is a manager in Pacific Gas & Electric’s clean transportation group, leading infrastructure programs to accelerate EV adoption in California. Her prior work includes energy storage project development and grid technology development.

Global Change Information System Lead, U.S. Global Change Research Program

Amrutha Elamparuthy

Amrutha leads the Global Change Information System (GCIS), an open-source, web-based system established by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to coordinate and integrate global change information with a focus on federal information products.

Climate and Data Strategy Fellow, Climate Cabinet

Jacqueline Ennis

Jacqueline is currently a graduating master’s student within Stanford University’s Atmosphere & Energy Engineering program and a Climate & Data Strategy Fellow at Climate Cabinet. Formerly NRDC, Facebook, and DE Shaw.

Associate Director of Origination & Power Marketing, EDF Renewables

Rachel Ett

Rachel Ett is an Associate Director of Origination & Power Marketing at EDF Renewables, focused on sourcing and offtake negotiation efforts for corporate customers.

Research Assistant, Cemvita Factory

Leyla Fahim

Leyla Fahim is a research assistant at Cemvita Factory with a multidisciplinary interest in climate change. She holds a Bachelors degree in physics with a concentration in plasma physics and fusion energy.

Program Manager, Enel X

Madeleine Faucher

As a Program Manager at Enel X, Madeleine works to create, manage, and grow demand response programs in partnership with utilities across the United States.

Principal, Generate Capital Inc

Peggy Flannery

Peggy Flannery is a Principal on the Investment Team at Generate Capital, a leading investor, owner and operator of sustainable infrastructure assets in the power, waste and water, and transportation segments.

Director of Giving and Impact, Three Cairns Group

Rebecca Fleischman

Rebecca Fleischman joined Three Cairns Group as Director of Giving and Impact in April 2020. Three Cairns Group is a social impact firm engaged in addressing the climate crisis through venture investing, philanthropy and public policy advocacy.

Content Manager and Consultant, Applied Negative Emissions Centre

Chloe Foster

Chloe is a Content Manager and a consultant at ANEC, a hub for collaboration between climate tech innovators and organisations wanting to be carbon neutral. She works to deploy carbon removal solutions as part of sustainability strategies aiming to tackle residual emissions and helps organisations to reach their net-zero targets. Her background is in research and policy.
Sustainability Consultant, Government Contractor

Sheena Foster

Sheena Foster is a sustainability consultant with a keen interest on the impact of climate change on peace, security, public health and food security. She has a particular interest in agricultural tech and sustainable international development.

Business Creation Business Development Manager, EIT InnoEnergy

Cheryl Fragiadakis

Cheryl is urrently with InnoEnergy, the largest sustainable energy accelerator and investor in Europe. She previously headed technology Transfer and IP Management for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. BS, Chemical Engineering; MBA.

Associate, Energy Impact Partners

Madison Freeman

Leyla Fahim is a research assistant at Cemvita Factory with a multidisciplinary interest in climate change. She holds a Bachelors degree in physics with a concentration in plasma physics and fusion energy.

Associate Consultant, WSP

Madeline Frieze

Madison Freeman focuses on investment strategy and research on clean energy and climate technologies at Energy Impact Partners, a venture capital firm investing across North America and Europe. She is based in New York City.

Founder, Recipric

Kristen Fulmer

Kristen Fulmer is a  sustainability expert, focused on maximizing performance and promoting occupant health and wellbeing within the built environment.

Energy Justice Associate, Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Lana Gabrilyan

Lana received her Masters of Environmental Management Candidate at Yale School of the Environment.

Manager, East Investment Office, Avangrid Renewables

Becky Gallagher

Becky Gallagher and her team are responsible for utility scale models + investment decisions east of the Rockies, including Avangrid’s offshore wind portfolio. Prior, she led SunPower’s expansion into the MA DG solar market and managed its East analyst team.

Director Stakeholder Engagement, UPS

Elba Pareja-Gallagher

Elba engages, collaborates, and innovates with all UPS stakeholders to create long-term business value and deliver what matters most to employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. This means communicating about UPS’s ESG commitments.

Associate Consultant, WSP

Alison Gammie

Alison Gammie is a consultant on the Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change team at WSP. Ms. Gammie has 4 years of experience as a consultant specializing in GHG and resource management with clients in the tech and data analytics sectors.

Communication and Development Manager, CleanTechnica

Danielle Garland

A longtime environmentalist, Danielle has a background in sustainable food and business, conscious adventure travel, eco-focused writing, and most recently joined the CleanTechnica team, the best online source for all things cleantech.

Director, Project Management at Persefoni, Persefoni

Morgan Garritson

With over 15 years of project/program management and leadership, marketing and community leadership experience, Morgan is driving force when it comes to generating momentum towards big, positive change in the world of Climate Tech.

Manager in the regulatory space in US financial sector, Deloitte

Riya Ghosal

Riya Ghosal is a
Professional in the risk advisory space for the past 8 years. Her focus has been on market abuse and market manipulation in the US financial sector (financial markets) for the past 5 years. Her prior experience in ERM and Corporate Governance.

Membership & Engagement Associate, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Shira Goldmann

Through Shira’s work at SASB, she educates market players on financially material sustainability disclosures. Outside of work, she organizes the young Jewish community around climate justice.

Analyst, Center for Carbon Transition, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Olivia Grah

Olivia is an analyst with J.P. Morgan’s Center for Carbon Transition team in the investment bank. She works to provide clients climate change and net zero transition advisory and solutions. She is based in New York City.

Project Manager, University of California, Irvine - Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions

Raiven Greenberg

Raiven manages the Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions, supporting researchers developing the science-based tools to more effectively manage California’s natural lands for climate change. She also volunteers as President of Seed Consulting Group.

VP of Analytics, The Climate Service

Tory Grieves

Tory Grieves is VP of Analytics for The Climate Service, where she utilizes her technical expertise in both environmental science and business to accelerate climate adaptation and resilience.

Climate Risk & Resilience Consultant, WSP USA

Kimberly Grubert

Kim is a passionate environmental advocate dedicated to protecting the planet for future generations. She is a native of Kansas, but currently lives in Colorado and works as a climate risk and resilience consultant for WSP USA.

VP of Product and Energy Markets, Voltus, Inc

Dana Guernsey

Dana is a leading expert in global energy markets. She leads Voltus’s efforts to develop products that connect energy users to these markets, in order to use distributed energy resources (DERs) to eliminate the need for traditional power plants.

Program Manager, Microsoft

Annie Guo

Annie Guo leads Microsoft’s cloud energy strategy for a portfolio of projects across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In this role, she is an energy markets expert, D&I ambassador, part-time diplomat, and culture champion.

Corporate Development, HPE

Aashna Gupta

Aashna works in the M&A team at HPE across San Jose and London. Prior to that, she has worked at Google, Startup, and Early-stage VC fund in India and the U.S. She graduated with an MBA from Yale. She leads an investment syndicate that also invests in climate tech.

Design Strategist, Unconform Studio

Mansi Gupta

As the founder of Unconform Studio, Mansi advises and facilitates workshops for organizations on strategy and systems change through a design and innovation lens. She is the author of Unconforming, a newsletter on women + design.

Senior Program Lead (Policy, Research & Program Development), Environmental Design Solutions

Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi is currently working on integrating environmental thinking, approach and processes into government programs and policies. She is passionate about projects and programs that inspire behavioral change towards creating a harmonious life on our planet.

Initiator and co-founder, Climate Action Women

Fatima Hadj

Fatima is a Climate and ESG financial expert. She initiated and co-founded the platform Climate Action Women, focused on advocating climate action and empowering women to act for healthier planet. 

Director, Field Ops, SolarEdge Texhnologies

Sara Hambleton

Sara worked in the solar industry for over 20 years. From starting a non-profit, to directing field operations in North America, She’s been an integral part in developing the renewable energy and energy management sector throughout the globe.

Climate Adaptation Specialist, UNDP

Laura Hammett

Laura is an urban planner and climate adaptation specialist committed to enabling climate-resilient community development. Her work centers on helping governments and organizations evaluate, quantify, and manage climate change risks.

President of Pono Home, Inc. and CleanTechnica, Hawaii Energy; Hawaii Green Growth

Chelsea Harder

Chelsea Harder has 15 years experience implementing sustainability programs through cleantech. As President of Pono Home and CleanTechnica, she helps shift market adoption and create economic relief pathways through energy efficiency.

Analyst, Extractives and Minerals Processing Sector Lead, SASB

Ekaterina Hardin

Ekaterina Hardin is an Analyst on the Research Team. Prior to joining SASB in 2019, Ms. Hardin worked for technology and service companies developing new products in the renewables and electric grid security markets as well as managing data modeling

Sr. Manager, Venture For ClimateTech, Secondmuse

Chante Harris

Chante Harris is the Senior Manager of Venture for ClimateTech, a climate tech venture studio and accelerator sourcing the best climate tech solutions across the globe. She also oversees the launch of the For ClimateTech Global Innovation Challenge.

VP, Strategic Development, AES Clean Energy

Katie Heath

Katie began her career in the renewables industry as tax equity counsel and at AES Clean Energy, leads the teams responsible for long term pipeline strategy, project creation, and land acquisition.

Director, Technology, Innovation & Climate PR, BerlinRosen

Molly Hendriksen

Molly works with innovative companies at the intersection of technology and the climate, like Sidewalk Labs and URBAN-X, helping them to launch products, build brand recognition and elevate their mission-driven impact through strategic PR.

Senior Project Director, WSP

Kealy Herman

Kealy creates robust sustainability strategies and crafts compelling stories about environmental impact. She lives for creative solutions to multi-disciplinary problems, data-driven decision making, and consensus-building.

Engineering Intern, Swift Solar

Karen Hinh

Trained as a mechanical engineer, Karen is passionate about renewable energy and waste management technologies, as well as the adoption of closed-loop design and circular economies.

Founder, Principal, Green Atlas Consulting

Olivia Hipkins

Olivia helps companies integrate sustainability into business models and fundraise for technologies geared towards improving climate outcomes. She has 7 years of real asset investing experience, including at PIMCO, IFC (World Bank), and Castlelake.

On Deck Climate Tech Fellow, Consultant/Prinicipal, Tucker Hirsch, LLC

Tucker Hirsch

Tucker Hirsch is an
expert in communicating climate change, action, & solutions. 10+ years experience combines program management in conservation nonprofits, science degrees, and an MBA. Looking to make significant impact in climate/sustainability with an amazing team!

Technical Architect - Sustainability Cloud, Salesforce

Stephanie Ho

Stephanie Ho supports Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud. She gathers customer requirements, builds demos, and gives input on their product roadmap. She’s been in the enterprise software world for 10 years – specializing in supply chain, CRM, and custom app builds.

Strategic Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric

Madison Hoffacker

Madison Hoffacker is currently developing a community microgrid and remote grid program on PG&E’s Energy Strategy & Innovation team. She is interested in developing innovative solutions to build a clean, resilient, & equitable electric grid system.

Marketing Manager, Benecomms

Julianne Hogan

Julianne Hogan is a Marketing Manager at Benecomms. Leading the design and brand strategy team, Julianne has a knack for transforming the complex issues of climate change into impactful and memorable visuals for printed materials, web, and social. She is an adept project manager and has managed a wide range of creative projects, from video production to web builds, and she is a recipient of a gold MarCom award for her work in the climate risk space.

Founding Director, ., EBS Enhanced Biomass Solutions, a nature based carbon removal and sequestration solution.

Susan Hooper

Susan is Chair of in Edinburgh and EBS (Enhanced Biomass Solutions, a nature based carbon removal and sequestration solution) in West Australia. Susan sits on the Boards of Moonpig plc (Chair of Remuneration Committee and ESG Lead).

Associate, Sustainalytics

Erfana Hossain

Erfana is a Client Relations Associate at Sustainalytics working with asset managers and asset owners to incorporate esg data into their investment strategies.

Head of Corporate Partnerships and Marketing, Third Derivative

Elaine Hsieh

Elaine’s current focus is on building Third Derivative, a vertically-integrated global climate tech accelerator program that aligns investors, corporates, and RMI’s market, regulatory, and policy experts to scale climate innovations faster.

Researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Astrid Hsu

Astrid Hsu is a marine biologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a National Geographic Explorer. She specializes in coastal ecosystems, remote sensing, climate education, and international commitments to sustainability.

CEO & Co-founder, Susty

Tara Jafarmadar

Tara is the CEO and Co-founder of an early-stage start-up called Susty, a platform that is making it easier for people to discover sustainable brands and purchase in ways that align with their values.

Senior Analyst, Generate Capital

Riya Jain

Riya works with Energy, literally.

Sustainability Manager, Customer and Stakeholder Engagements, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tiffani Jarnigan

Tiffani currently leads technical and innovation strategy for HPE’s sustainability team. She previously worked as a data/business analyst for an organic produce co. and built water infrastructure in the Dominican Republic in the Peace Corps.

Community Manager, Greentown Labs

Jacqueline Johnson

As Community Manager of Greentown Labs, Jacqueline works closely with the members of the climatetech startup community. She helps to foster community by helping members tap into resources and providing relevant programming to build their startup.

Master's student in Energy and Sustainability, Northwestern University

Claire Juracka

Claire Juracka received a full ride to The Ohio State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Honors Environmental Science with a specialization in Global Studies. She is pursuing her M.S. in Energy & Sustainability at Northwestern University.

Program Manager, High Tide Foundation

Kirsten Jurich

Kirsten is a philanthropic advisor, managing a portfolio of for-profit and non-profit climate investments. Her work focuses on US bipartisan climate policy, climate innovations, and addressing the carbon threat in Southeast Asia.

Senior Lead, Americas Energy & Sustainability, Wework

Soazig Kaam

Soazig Kaam is a solution-oriented engineer who is committed to fighting climate change by reducing our carbon footprint. She focuses on developing data-driven solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, one project at a time.
Senior Energy, Environment and Utilities Consultant, IBM

Lauren Kaley

Ms. Kaley has experience in business transformation, information technology strategy, process re-engineering, and solution development for the Energy & Utilities Industry.
Energy & Sustainability Analyst, Trane Technologies Company LLC

Jennifer Kane

Jennifer is an analyst at the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Trane Technologies, developing and advocating for business strategies to promote energy efficiency, and carbon emission reduction in policy, codes, and standards.

Strategic Investment Analyst, Rwanda Development Board

Grace Kankindi

Grace Kankindi currently works as a Strategic Investment Analyst in the Transactions Structuring and Support at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) where she negotiates deals on behalf of the government.

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Cemvita Factory

Tara Karimi

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Cemvita Factory, Tara has devoted her academic and professional careers to studying biological systems and applying natural principles in the service of creating biologically-inspired technology.

Co-founder - Board Member, FAIR TRADE LEBANON

Joanne Karkour

Joanne is a creative Entrepreneur & Business Manager with 20+ years of experience & proven record in improving Retail, Supply, Sales, Marketing, & CRM procedures. Socially Responsible & committed to make the world a better place.

Senior Manager, Green Strategies Inc

Kacey Katzenmeyer

Kacey works with corporate clients to establish and implement meaningful sustainability goals that improve the environmental impact of their products and services. Kacey is a 2020 Clean Energy Institute Fellow.

Startups Business Development, AWS

Lisbeth Kaufman

Lisbeth Kaufman is an entrepreneur (Cofounder of, former Climate Change Policy staffer in the Senate, and is currently on the AWS Startups Team, where she works with top early stage startups, with a focus on Climate Tech.

Student/ Web + Biz Development, UC Berkeley/ Intersectional Environmentalist

Kiana Kazemi

Kiana Kazemi is a data science student and researcher at UC Berkeley, the Editor in Chief of The Leaflet Newspaper, and works at the intersections of tech and sustainability as a business and web developer at Intersectional Environmentalist.

Associate, Generate Capital

Dominique Keefe

Dominique focuses on investing in scalable climate solutions. She has worked on this across asset classes and types of organizations, from startups to large corporates, primarily focused on distributed generation infrastructure.

Senior Project Director, WSP

Sue Kemball-Cook

Sue Kemball-Cook is a Senior Project Director at WSP USA in the Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change Group. She works in climate risk and resilience.

Director of Finance, CEP Toronto

Snehal Khade

Snehal has broad-ranging global experience across finance, research and corporate banking with specialization in providing sustainable finance solutions for Government-sponsored entities, renewable energy companies and waste management companies

Program Manager - climate change, Facebook

Sofia Khan

Sofia has international experience working on climate change aspects over the past decade. She is currently working on implementing NetZero commitment at Facebook. Sofia values climate justice, climate mitigation and innovations that enable 1.5C

Renewable Energy Engineer, Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission

Amaal Khatatbeh

Amaal Khatatbeh is a Renewable Energy Engineer. Tech women Fellow. Researcher in Biodiesel from Algae.Environmentalist.

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Montreal

Elham Kheradmand

Elham is an Postdoctoral researcher who is working on climate change risk and Artificial Intelligence. She has a PhD in Mathematics from polytechnique Montreal. She has 5 years experience in finance sector.

Director, Channel Sales, Impossible Foods

Lizzie King

Lizzie joined the Impossible Foods team in 2017 and has held various roles within the food tech startup’s sales organization. She currently serves as the Director of Channel Sales, a critical team overseeing SMB operators and reseller relationships.

VP Global Marketing, NEXTracker Inc.

Kristan Kirsh

Kristan is a seasoned cleantech Marcomm executive with panache for storytelling and marketing complex technologies. As Nextracker’s VP of Global Marketing, she leads brand & communications for the no. 1 solar tracker and software solutions provider.

CEO GreenKPI, Green Business Consultancy

Johanna Kloot

Johanna Kloot is the founder of GreenKPI – sustainability management software designed to manage and measure environmental and social impact for any size organization, anywhere, in their transition to green, lean and seen.

Strategy Associate, PwC Strategy&

Annie Klosowicz

Annie Klosowicz graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Environmental Engineering and is currently working as a strategy consultant at PwC Strategy&. She is looking to transition her career into the renewable energy space.

Developer, Walden Renewables

Kelly Kneeland

Kelly supports Walden’s development activities in New England while also applying her background in renewable market analysis. Kelly joins the Walden team from Cadmus Group, a consultancy firm that focuses on sustainability and the environment.

Product Manager, CEO, Amazon

Cynthia Koenig

Cynthia’s interests lie at the intersection of business, innovation and impact. She is the founder of Wello, a social venture that co-creates innovations designed to provide better, more reliable access to safe water, and a PM at Amazon.

SolveCast Sustainability News Podcast Host, SolveCast

Karrah Krakovyak

Karrah comes from the corporate sustainability and climate technology spaces, employed at corporations, non-profits, and local governments. All with the goal to benefit the climate through data analysis and technology solutions for the built environment.

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Clean Energy Leadership Institute

Rachel Kriegsman

Rachel leads CELI’s expansion and partnership efforts to grow clean energy education & leadership. She holds a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, and is passionate about building community through equitable & resilient systems.

Electrical Engineer, Microsoft

Anaga Krishnan

 2019-Present: Electrical Engineer, Datacenter Engineering, Microsoft
2017-2019: MS, Electrical Engineering focus in Power and Energy Systems, Virginia Tech
2013-2017: BS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Senior Associate & Climate Lead, 60 Decibels

Sonia Kuguru

Sonia is a Sr Associate and Climate Lead at 60 Decibels, using data to drive impact for over 200 social enterprises. Prior, Sonia worked at the Acumen, and the Africa Centre for Open Governance. Sonia studied Politics and Religion at Wake Forest.

Associate, SecondMuse

Vinise Kwa

Vinise is an Associate at SecondMuse Singapore where she supports the design and delivery of inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship programming for The Incubation Network in order to prevent ocean plastic pollution in SSEA.

Sustainability Focused MBA Student, MIT Sloan

Lillian Kwang

Lillian is a 1st year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan pursuing the Sustainability Certificate and helping organize the ClimateTech and Energy Prize, Rabobank-MIT Agribusiness Innovation Prize, and Harvard Circular Economy Symposium.

Associate Director, Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Education Project, Fellow, Brookings Institution

Christina Kwauk

Christina Kwauk is a non-resident fellow in the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution. She is a social scientist with a current interdisciplinary focus on girls’ education and education for climate action.

Product Manager, Rheaply

Sabira Lakhani

Sabira is a circular economy designer currently working as a Product Manager at Rheaply. She has worked for Apple conducting environmental design research and for Saahas Zero Waste, a waste management social enterprise based out of Bangalore.

Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute

Radhika Lalit

Radhika Lalit is a Manager within the Global Climate Finance Program at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and a Director of the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance—a global center of expertise on climate alignment for the financial sector.

Vice President of Sales, Persefoni

Terryn Lawrence

Terryn brings 15+ years of sales, marketing, and business operations experience to the team. Her background combines Fortune 500 sales and marketing with extensive early-stage startup experience.

Energy Impact Partner, Innovation Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Eleonore Lazat

Eleonore Lazat is an innovation associate at Energy Impact Partners, a cleantech VC. She is focused on creating opportunities for collaboration between startups and energy utilities. Prior to joining EIP, she was an analyst at BNEF.

Research Analyst II, International Climate Program, World Resources Institute

Leah Lazer

Leah is a Research Analyst for the World Resource Institute’s International Climate team in Washington DC, focusing on equitable climate action and workforce transitions. Her background includes research on cities, circular economy and food systems.

Associate Fellow, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

Maddie Lee

Maddie supports C2ES’s Business Environmental Leadership Council, which engages leading companies to develop efficient, effective solutions to climate change. She completed a Fulbright fellowship researching Mongolia’s renewable energy transition.

Nonprofit Program Manager, Esri

Rebecca Lehman

Rebecca finds innovative ways to leverage technology in addressing social and environmental problems. She works with nonprofits and local government to create sustainable solutions. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Management.

Solutions Fellow, C2ES

Jessica Leung

Jessica Leung works at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions where she analyzes the buildings, renewable thermal, and transportation sectors. She’s a DEI advocate and passionate about expanding professional opportunities to underrepresented groups.

Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP

Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin is a partner in the Real Estate and Energy group in the Los Angeles office of law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips. She advises real estate developers, solar technology companies, tech companies, and lenders on a variety of real estate matters.

Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Voltaiq

Cicely Li

Cicely is currently a Manager, Strategy & Business Development at Voltaiq. Voltaiq is a SaaS platform for battery data analytics. Previously at Powerhouse Ventures and prior to that, was a Research Associate, Real Assets (Energy) at Hall Capital Partners LLC.

Mechanical Engineer and Product Ops, Treau

Grace Li

Grace Li is the
first mechanical engineering hire and product ops at Treau, a startup recently spun out of Otherlab and Cyclotron Road/Activate. Working on lowering the barriers to installing high-efficiency heat pumps. Previously worked at Plume Labs and NASA JPL.

Investment Professional, Generate Capital

Lydia Li

Ms. Li is an investment professional at Generate Capital, responsible for originating, evaluating, and executing on various green infrastructure opportunities.

Chief of Staff, Opus 12

Heidi Lim

Heidi Lim is a business-minded engineer working to accelerate carbon dioxide removal, an urgently necessary pathway to a sustainable planet. Focused also on community building, improving climate literacy, and helping folx pivot in climate careers.

Climate Change Consultant to Financial Institutions, PwC

Luiza Linton

As a studied economist and a first stop in the German development cooperation, Luiza now consults financial institutions on climate change with two perspectives: how can the FI create impact on the low-carbon transition and how is the FI affected by it?

Student, Darden Business School

Hedan Liu

Hedan Liu has 5 years renewable energy investment and cleantech CVC experience with a BEng in Sustainable Energy Engineering from Australian National University.

Operations, Carbo Culture

Charlotta Liukas

Charlotta works at Carbo Culture, an early-stage biotech startup in the carbon removal space, developing carbon credits partnerships, amongst other #startuplife things. Her previous sectoral experience includes global health and rural electrification.

Cofounder - Technology and Science Director, Climate Scale

Ana Lopez

Ana Lopez  is a physicist with 20 years of research and industrial experience in climate science, energy and finances; Ana recently cofounded Climate Scale, a company with the mission of translating climate science into actionable information for decision-makers.

CEO and Founder, Farmernet

Lucy Low

Lucy is a tech enthusiast, theoretical physicist, and software engineer currently interested in the fields of machine learning, quantum computing, and blockchain with previous work experience in finance, research, and software.

Master's Student in Energy and Sustainability, Northwestern University, Bradley University

Brittany Lownds

Brittany Lownds received a B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in Business Administration and Sustainability in May 2020. Upon graduation from Northwestern in 2021, she hopes to pursue a career in corporate sustainability or energy consulting.

Senior Associate, RMI (formerly Rocky Mountain Institute)

Leah Louis-Prescott

Leah addresses the climate crisis by accelerating the transition off of fossil fuel use in buildings with RMI. She previously worked on building decarbonization analytics at PG&E. Leah holds a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University.

CEO, Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc.

Kim Lundgren

Kim has been a pioneer in the local climate field having developed the 1st Climate Action Plan in Massachusetts and one of the first municipal climate adaptation plans in the US. She’s helped 100’s of local governments take action on climate change.

Head of Product and Partnerships, Blue Sky Analytics

Amber Luong

Amber is currently the Head of Product and Partnerships for Blue Sky Analytics. She has over 15 years of experience across the financial sector, policy, international development, and a range of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Senior Specialist, National Climate Assessment, US Global Change Research Program

Allyza Lustig

Allyza Lustig has ten years of experience working with scientists, governments, and communities to advance climate resilience and adaptation. She holds a BA from Barnard College and Masters in Environmental Mgmt from Yale School of the Environment.

Senior Manager, Policy & Sustainability, Meritor

Stephanie Ly

Dr. Stephanie Ly leads electric truck programs & policies bringing cutting edge zero-emission solutions to communities near ports and warehouses. She is a public health professor and a former UN SDG Fellow at a policy think tank.

Project Engineer, Timmons Group

Karen Magana

Karen is a Project Engineer working in the Renewable Energy sector which includes the site design of solar and wind projects. She graduated in 2019 and is working towards obtaining her license.

Director, Business Development, The Climate Service

Maureen Maguire

Maureen Maguire’s focus is on the impacts and responses of risk bringing her to the confluence of climate, market and economic risk. She holds an MS in Resource Economics and is passionate about creating a sustainable future.

Global Sustainability Manager, Facebook

Sarah Manson

Sarah is a sustainability leader with thirteen years of experience helping cities, companies, and organizations achieve impactful clean energy and sustainability goals.

Sydney Massing-Schaffer

Conference Director, GreenBiz Group

Sydney leads operations and creates content for GreenBiz events. She developed a sustainability program for all events, achieving zero waste (a 100% diversion rate). Her background is in managing large fundraising events for non-profits.

Kirsten Maynard

Managing Director, Technology, Waxman Strategies

Kirsten uses policy and communications to guide innovators introducing and scaling climate and health technologies to benefit the public good, including energy resilience, decarbonization, natural resources, smart cities, mobility, and biotech.

Kit McDonnell

Director of Corporate Affairs, Enko Chem
Kit McDonnell is Director of Corporate Affairs at Agtech start-up Enko Chem. She formerly led Special Projects at Ginkgo Bioworks, where she integrated synbio into the circular economy agenda and led consumer biotech business development.
Pitch Coach, Via Lucent

Laurie McGinley

Laurie McGinley catalyzes climate inventions into companies so we can all keep thriving on Earth.

Investment Associate,
New Energy Capital Partners

Aashna Mehra

Aashna Mehra works on the investments team at New Energy Capital, a private equity fund that invests in clean energy infrastructure projects and companies. She received her BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton and my MBA as a Silver Scholar from Yale.

Director of Communications, Fluence

Alison Mickey

Alison has over 12 years of communications experience in the renewable energy industry. Before Fluence, she was vice president at Mission Control Communications, director of communications at Spruce, and vice-chair of the PR committee at SEIA.

VP of Product and Engineering, The Climate Service

Danyell Taylor Miller

As VP of Product and Engineering for The Climate Service, Danyell leads the expansion of the Climanomics® platform. Danyell has over 18 years of expertise leading software product design, development, and deployment in organizations, large and small.

Associate Operations Officer, Climate Business Department, IFC

Elizabeth Minchew

As a member of IFC’s Climate Business department, Elizabeth identifies investment opportunities, new technologies, and private sector approaches to scaling renewable energy and decarbonization in emerging markets.

Climate Scientist, NASA JPL/ Caltech

Kimberley Miner

Dr. Kimberley R. Miner is a Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, where she looks at Arctic change as part of a joint NASA-ESA initiative. She is an expert on climate security and climate risk assessment.

Platform Lead, OpenAQ

Sruti Modekurty

Sruti Modekurty is the Platform Lead at OpenAQ, building open source tools to help communities fight air pollution. She has a wide background in engineering, from robotics to data visualization to mobile apps spanning across sectors.

Data Scientist, The Climate Service

Danielle Montagne

Data scientist, PhD candidate in sociology

Head of Net Zero Carbon business, Amazon

Rita Monteiro

Rita has a diversified background, with HR, Hospitality, Operations and Sustainability, mostly related to Business management.
She is currently leading decarbonization targets, programs measurement, and carbon forecasting.

IOT Solutions Smart Infrastructure, Microsoft

Julie Morin

Julie’s passion is helping clients find innovative solutions to address high value digital transformation projects. Enjoy being in line with the industry’s fast changing requirements with enterprises looking for guidance with their projects for Internet.

Senior Analyst, 2° Investing Initiative

Clare Murray

After years of conducting Solar Energy research, Clare works as a Senior Analyst developing climate scenario analysis software and products for investors globally to help better manage risk and create impact through their investments.

Senior International Trade Analyst (Pharma/Biotech/Nanotech), U.S. International Trade Commission

Elizabeth Nesbitt

Nesbitt has published/presented widely on pharma, bioproducts, circular economy, and waste carbon conversion from industrial emissions. A strong STEM education supporter, she’s active, including at the Board level, in many organizations.

Community Director, Greentown Labs

Maya Nitzberg

As Greentown Lab’s Director of Community, Maya is responsible for overseeing its rapidly growing community and curating its community programming to suit and exceed the needs of its members, ensuring the incubator experience is valuable & impactful.

Energy Market Engineer, Consumers Energy Company

Roma Notani

Roma works as an Energy Market Engineer with Consumers Energy Company and works on developing the company’s clean energy portfolio and evaluating its economic feasibility and reliability.

Vice President, Congruent Ventures

Christina O'Conor

Christina O’Conor is VP at Congruent Ventures, an early-stage VC focused on climate tech. Previously, she worked at another sustainability-focused VC and led sustainable investment at Wellington Management. Christina graduated with an MBA from MIT.

Founder & CEO, Trillion Tree Fund

Leena Olaimy

Dalai Lama Fellow, Wall Street Journal “Woman of Note”, Expo 2020 Global Impact Innovator, author, and serial social entrepreneur. Founder of the Trillion Tree Fund, which is scaling up conservation finance through an AI-powered platform.

Water Resource Consultant, BBA Water Consultants

Annabelle O'Neill

Annabelle O’Neill is a water resource consultant and hydrogeologist in Denver. Annabelle provides technical analyses for ground and surface water issues and water right administration.

Program Manager, Center for Sustainable Energy

Sabrina Oudin

Sabrina Oudin is a Program Manager with the Center for Sustainable Energy where she leads implementation of clean transportation rebate programs for state government agencies across the U.S.

Graphic Designer, Benecomms

Felicia Pace

Felicia Pace is a Graphic and Web Designer at Benecomms, a marketing agency with a focus on climate risk and climate tech. Felicia helps clients build their brand identities through promotional material creation including brochures, social media graphics, website builds, and more.

VP Distributed Infrastructure and Renewables, NAES Corporation

Stefanie Padgett

Stefanie Padgett
currently leads a fossil fuel dependent company’s transition into the renewable energy industry. Her philosophy when taking this new role was that the closer, she can be to the problem, the bigger impact she can make towards the solution.

Scientist & Lecturer, Columbia University & CUNY

Indrani Pal

Indrani is part of the Teach Water Resources & Climate for the Sustainability Management program of The Earth Institute of Columbia University.
Research focuses on assessing and managing water risk, involving climate and human factors.

Young Professional, NITI Aayog, Government of India

Saumya Pandey

Saumya is a data analyst by profession and an environmentalist by heart. She completed her Integrated M.Tech in Mathematics and Computing from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

COO, Carbon Insights

Shannon Parker

Shannon Parker is the Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at Carbon Insights (carbIN), a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to building carbon literacy among the masses by translating spending behavior into carbon impact.

Business Analyst, The Climate Service

Devyn Parks

Devyn Parks is a Business Analyst at The Climate Service, a climate risk analytics provider. A graduate of Duke University with a Master’s in Environmental Management, Devyn brings together expertise in science, analytics, corporate sustainability.
Manager, Carbon Quantification, Indigo Ag

Maggie Parrish

Maggie Parrish is a strategist at Indigo Ag, where she works to optimize carbon quantification methods for agricultural soils. Maggie is passionate about utilizing technology to enhance sustainability and conservation outcomes.
Board Member, The Shifters

Melissa Perez

Melissa is working in finance by day and engaged in environmental NGO by nights.
Research fellow, University of Oulu

Priyadharshini Perumal

Priyadharshini has worked as a researcher for the past 10 years in the field of construction materials and the circular economy. Her main focus is to bring industrial wastes into the loop as a secondary raw material for infrastructure needs.
Lead, Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative, Amazon

Ana Pinheiro Privette

Dr. Ana Pinheiro Privette leads the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI), a program that seeks to leverage Amazon’s scale, technology, and infrastructure to help create global innovation for sustainability. Ana was trained as an environmental.
Founding Chemist, Noya

Laurene Petitjean

 BS, Chemistry, Mcgill University
MS, Organic Chemistry, Mcgill University
PhD, School of Environment, Yale University
Senior Partnerships Manager, Elemental Excelerator

Aneri Pradhan

Aneri is an Investment Partner relation at Elemental Excelerator, a growth climate tech accelerator based in the Pacific. Previously ED at ENVenture, an clean energy accelerator in Uganda, Facebook Sustainability team, and the climate team at the UN Foundation.
Director, Environmental Defense Fund

Ratnika Prasad

Ratnika presently works on leveraging investor and industry action to accelerate the energy transition at the Environmental Defense Fund. She was formerly at Siklus Refill, Circulate Capital, the World Bank and Bain and Company.
Manager - Corporate Strategy Planning and Advocacy, GAIL(India) Ltd

Shalini Prasad

Shalini S. Prasad is an energy enthusiast professional, with around 8 years of experience. Her research interest includes energy per se
oil and gas, power and urban infrastructure in relation with strategy, forecasting, monitoring, Government policy.
Business Development Manager, Environmental, Black & Veatch

Samantha Price

Samantha’s strengths are Business Development and sales.  She loves helping people solve problems and meet a common objective for mutual benefit. In her role at Black & Veatch, she helps customers with Climate Solutions, Sustainability, and Renewables.
Senior Policy Advisor, Alameda County Board of Supverisors (food/climate policy), Women, Peace and Security Research Advisor, Pacific Forum

Maryruth Belsey Priebe

Maryruth works at the intersection of women, international security, and climate change to sort the ineffective from the spectacular change-makers. Her focus is on approaches to empowering women in peacebuilding and as environmental entrepreneurs.
Senior Product Manager, Jupiter Intelligence

Meghan Purdy

As product manager for Jupiter’s global physical climate risk tool, Meghan focuses on crafting and communicating metrics that help the world put a price on climate change. She came to Jupiter after a decade in natural disaster modeling for insurance.
Founder&CEO, Blue Sky Analytics

Abhilasha Purwar

Abi is a Yale Fulbright and IIT alum, using her experience in private equity, environmental policy and big data to build up Blue Sky Analytics to a climate-tech unicorn that offers high quality, accessible environmental data to enable climate action.

Business Analyst, Head of Customer Success and Operations, Customer Success Manager, Data Analyst, Exelon, Bidgely, Makani (Google X), GridPoint

Caroline Quazzo

Caroline has spent her entire career focused on energy and the environment. Currently, she focuses on transportation electrification at Exelon, supporting all six of its utilities on TE programs and supporting fleet electrification internally.
Director of Corporate Engagement, C2ES

Verena Radulovic

At C2ES, Verena manages the Business Environmental Leadership Council, engaging leading companies across sectors to develop efficient, effective solutions to reduce their climate impacts.
Coding instructor at "WhitehatJr"., AVOWAL GREENS

Niharika Rajput

Niharika is working towards becoming a contributor to upcoming pandemic “climate change”.
Portfolio Director, Clean Energy and Climate Action, Social Alpha

Smita Rakesh

Smita has been deeply engaged with the global energy access and climate ecosystem for more than 12 years, contributing across a wide spectrum of institutional programs and interventions in public, private and development sectors.
UX Designer, iHeartRadio

Sanjana Ramana

Through her background in marketing, media, product development, and customer support Sanjana has developed a unique ability to serve as a bridge between consumers and businesses. She currently works as a UX Designer where I strive for innovation and CX.
Chief Experience Officer, Chloe Capital

Myneco Ramirez

Myneco is the Chief Experience Officer and Partner at Chloe Capital. She focuses on the firm’s signature programs for the #InvestInWomen tour, managing talent, and software infrastructure. Myneco graduated from RIT with an IT degree.
Founder & President, Ramsay Consulting & Coaching LLC

Sabine Ramsay

Sabine is a certified coach and leadership trainer. She helps her clients find new solutions. Her background in 20+ years of marketing in the Energy Industry has given her substantial insight into that market and how it is changing.
Research Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center

Kalai Ramea

Kalai is a Research Scientist,  passionate about developing quantitative and machine learning models for climate and energy systems.

Founder & CEO, You’ve Got This! Ltd

Sujata Rastogi

Innovator and angel investor. Using tech to solve problems for women and to empower them to lead their best lives.

✈ Lived in 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇸🇬
🏆Women in Investment Awards Finalist 2019

Corporate Counsel, Bowery Farming

Ramya Ravishankar

Ramya is an Environmental biologist turned lawyer who’s passionate about food insecurity, social justice, and sustainable development.  She is currently at an AgTech startup, advising on various legal and policy matters as the company aims to revolutionize agriculture.
VP MiningBiotech, Cemvita Factory

Marny Reakes

Marny is a chemical engineer with an MBA and 25 years of leadership experience working for global mining companies. Marny is currently VP of Mining Biotech at Cemvita Factory, a biotech company focused on low carbon solutions for heavy industry.
Environmental Protection Specialist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Lindsey Reitinger

Lindsey is a recent college graduate dedicated to finding interdisciplinary solutions to the challenges of the climate crisis. She currently works as a federal consultant on projects related to sustainability, resilience, and emerging technology.
Assistant Director, ASU Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

Alexus Robertson

Alexus Robertson works at CGEST with a mission to actively drive the discourse and experiences of underrepresented girls in STEM by owning, generating and critiquing the collective body of scholarship and offering culturally responsive programs.
CFO, Groundswell

Emily Robichaux

Emily Robichaux is CFO at Groundswell, where she also leads values-based community solar project finance and the delivery of subscriber services. She is the business lead developing the proprietary SharePower digital subscriber platform.
Senior Public Policy Manager, Lyft

Marisa Rodriguez

Marisa has spent the last ten years studying and working in sustainable transportation planning and policy. She currently leads sustainability policy and Southeast GR (DC to Miami) for Lyft’s Transit and Micromobility team.
Energy and climate change coordinator, Energy secretary

Rocio Rodriguez

Rocio is an Industrial Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Engineering, Masters in Renewable Energy and Interdisciplinary Energy Master. She has extensive experience in climate change, energy efficiency, energy, sustainability, carbon emission reduction.
Senior Climate Analyst and Consultant, County of Alameda

Jamesine Rogers Gibson

Jamesine Rogers Gibson has more than 15 years of experience researching, shaping, and implementing integrated policies and strategies to advance clean air and climate mitigation and adaptation at all levels of government and in the non-profit sector.

R&D Manager, Autoneum Management AG

Kate Rushton

Francesca Ronzio is a
talented and passionate MBA graduate, with mechanical engineering background. She is a dynamic and enthusiastic leader with 10 years of international experience in the manufacturing industry.
UX Designer, Jogl

Kate Rushton

Kate is a UX Designer with a background as an Energy Analyst and in teaching
Sustainability Consultant, Burbank Water and Power
Chiara is a Sustainability Professional with experience supporting public and private stakeholders in Renewable Energy in the US and EU. She’s a climate justice advocate providing pro-bono consulting and project management for non-profit organizations.
Product Manager, Google

Amanda Sahl

As a Product Manager for Smart Buildings at Google, Amanda develops and maintains a product portfolio designed to make Google’s workspaces smarter and more sustainable.
Founder & CEO, Sādu, Plug and Play Ventures

Brittany Salas

Brittany is making it easy and fun for anyone to live an eco-conscious lifestyle by linking sustainable finance opportunities to health and fitness commitments on one mobile platform.
Senior Technical Accounting & Reporting, Impossible Foods

Gabby Sanders

Gabby Sanders is an entrepreneur, operations/accounting professional, and CPA with a passion for saving our planet. She is a leading force at Impossible Foods, who’s mission is to make meat from plants in order to turn the clock on climate change.
ESG/ Sustainability Manager, Danaher Corporation

Sargam Saraf

Sargam Saraf is a one-woman army leading sustainability efforts for Danaher Corporation and supporting its operating companies, such as Cytiva, Pall, Pantone etc. She holds a M.S. from Columbia University and a B.S. from UCLA.
Business Development Advisor, Shell Foundation

Shveta Sarin

Shveta is passionate about entrepreneurship as a tool to address the challenge of energy access and has worked across geographies building and supporting solutions using clean energy technology to serve low income populations
Chief of Staff, Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Madison Savilow

Madison Savilow graduated from the University of Calgary with a BComm in Accounting and a BA (Hons) in Sociology. She is currently Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcycling Technologies and is the Venture Lead of Expedition Air.
Director of Investor Outreach, Companies v. Climate Change

Katie Schmitz-Eulitt

Katie Schmitz Eulitt has worked with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) since its inception. She strongly believes markets need to be organized in pursuit of society’s values and has dedicated her career to helping to do so.

Sustainability Cloud Specialist, Salesforce

Avery Schlicher

Avery is passionate about helping businesses accelerate their ESG efforts, thus influencing others to do the same. She aims to empower every company to drive impactful climate action via Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud, our GHG accounting technology.

TV Meteorologist and Author, Author, Simon + Schuster and Freelance for Weather coverage MSNBC/NBC

Bonnie Schneider

Bonnie is an On-Camera Meteorologist MSNBC, NBC News,(Freelance) Author: FALL 2021 “Taking the Heat: How Climate Change is Affecting Your Mind, Body & Spirit and What You Can Do About It” Simon & Schuster publishers & Extreme Weather, pub. by Macmillan (2012)

Associate Product Manager, ESG Strategy, Morningstar Inc.

Aysu Seckin

Aysu is an Associate Product Manager on the ESG Strategy Team at Morningstar, working on incorporating ESG data and investment strategies into Morningstar software products. She also leads the internal ESG education efforts.

Environmental Sustainability Analyst, Northrop Grumman

Caitlin Seppi

Caitlin is committed to the corporate environmental sustainability sphere, working to reduce footprints through operational efficiency, executive compensation, supplier engagement, product stewardship and community development.

MEM Candidate at Yale School of Environment, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Humna Sharif

Humna is a Master of Environmental Management Candidate at Yale School of Environment, graduating in May 2021. Her work is focused on environmental policy, climate change mitigation, and water management.
Technology Risk Consultant, KPMG UK LLP

Vaishnavi Sharma

Vaishnavi helps companies manage strategic, regulatory and operational risks and navigate through technological landscapes in this digital age.
Communications & Public Involvement Coordinator, WSP

Kristin Shaw

Kristin Shaw is an award-winning Marketing & Communications Professional with a demonstrated history of working in both the hospitality and civil engineering industry. Shaw also owns a photography business and works in multiple volunteer capacities.
Product Manager, Google

Mojia Shen

Mojia is a product manager at Google leading Chromebook’s international expansion, previously at Google Search, YouTube, and Redfin. She is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and practices life coaching + YouTube channel in her free time.
Southern California Edison, Specialist - Energy Procurement and Management, Global Association of Risk Professionals - Associate Vice President, Sustainability and Climate Risk

Soli Shin

Soli Shin is an energy, sustainability, and climate risk professional working in NY to educate financial and non-financial corporates, Duke University 2018 grad (Master of Environmental Management); passionate about renewables, eMobility & public mass transit.
Director of Policy, AMPLY Power

Heidi Sickler

Heidi Sickler is the Director of Policy at AMPLY Power. Prior to joining AMPLY, Heidi was the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Director of Energy and Environment and lead for Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV).
Investment & Deal Management, Green Angel Syndicate

Patricia Silva

Patricia currently works at an angel syndicate analyzing cleantech investments. Previously, she worked with and advised startups in the climate space. She is a Co-founder of the Carbon Removal Centre in the UK.
Director, US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, US Department of Energy (now retired)

Linda Silverman

Linda Silverman is a clean energy and climate change expert, and a blogger. She retired from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2018 after working on clean energy and climate change for 30 years. Her last position was Director of the Solar Decathlon.
Technology Manager, Federal Government

Ruchi Singh

Ruchi is a results driven, detail oriented professional with over 14 years of technical and managerial experience. She leads, seeks, manages, facilitates innovative solutions, helps remove technology and process barriers to enable clean energy adoption.
Founder, CEO, Package Free

Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer is an American entrepreneur, environmental activist, and blogger in the zero waste movement. She is the founder of Package Free and is a Forbes 30 under 30.
Senior Project Director, WSP USA Inc.

Julie Sinistore

As a senior project director on WSP’s sustainability, energy and climate change team Julie has been conducting life cycle assessments since 2007. Her expertise includes carbon and water footprinting of products and services from many sectors.
Analyst and Program Coordinator, Climate Investment Funds

Regan Smurthwaite

Regan promotes understanding of transformational change in climate action as an Analyst with the Climate Investment Funds. She is interested in using data and evidence to help cities increase their climate resilience.
Cybersecurity Consultant, ENGIE

Maire Sogabe

Máire Sogabe works at the intersection of security, energy, and climate. She helps energy companies build high performing cybersecurity programs to manage risk, ensure compliance, and proactively adapt to evolving threats and changing business needs.
Chief of Staff, Greentown Labs

Cayman Somerville

As Chief of Staff at Greentown Labs, Cayman Somerville brings her six years of experience in the cleantech and climatetech industry to act as a force-multiplier to the CEO.
Executive Director, Climate Cabinet

Caroline Spears

Caroline Spears is the founder and director of Climate Cabinet. Before Climate Cabinet, she worked in solar project finance, and graduated with her B.S. and M.S. in Atmosphere and Energy Engineering from Stanford University.
COO, Climate Finance Advisors

Christina Stanton

Christina has two decades of experience in climate, environment, and clean energy. Her technical, policy, and commercial expertise is applied to operation management, program development, business development, and communications.
Board member MAIA Impact School Guatemala, Baxter State Park; Student Conservation Association; Coastal Enterprises, Inc.; Architectural Heritage Foundation

Meg Steere

Meg Ounsworth Steere began her environmental career as a park ranger before transitioning to community development and writing. Her life trajectory was most influenced by working at Baxter State Park, Maine, and living in Madagascar during college.
Sustainability Consultant, WSP

Anna Thode Stephens

Anna is a sustainability consultant with over ten years’ experience in corporate sustainability including GHG management, sustainability strategy, science-based target setting, CDP reporting, and climate vulnerability and resilience.
Co-Founder & VP, Product, Persefoni AI, Inc

Meg Steere

Kim is a co-founder and the VP of Product for Persefoni, a venture-backed SaaS company building the best tools for organizations to lower their carbon footprint. She has extensive experience in software-centric roles from development to architecture.
Lead Resources & Environment Analyst, Cleantech Group

Holly Stower

Holly Stower is a Lead Resources & Environment Analyst focused on emerging innovation across the Water, Waste, Air, Construction and Corporate Sustainability sectors. Via research and consultancy, Holly connects cleantech start-ups, business & investor communities and helps corporations engage in the cleantech ecosystem. Deploying Enterprise climate risk programs, web applications, and processes within Pacific Gas & Electric to leverage forward-looking climate data for business insights. 
Sustainability Consultant, WSP

Alua Suleimenova

Alua Suleimenova is a corporate sustainability strategist at WSP with 5 years of experience and key expertise in climate risk assessment, water stewardship, and sustainability strategy development, implementation and ESG reporting.
Market Research Officer, Climate Business, IFC (World Bank Group)

Charlene Sullivan

Charlene works on climate strategy and business development at IFC, the World Bank’s private sector arm. She’s covered various technologies and business models focused on emerging markets, incl. renewables, green buildings, agribusiness, energy storage, EVs.
Student and Organizer, Dartmouth College

Amanda Sun

How do we build more inclusive communities among conservationists? Amanda seeks to answer this question by learning motion and UX design, cofounding Cross-Campus Sustainability, and working with her club, Environmental Stewardship Division.
CEO and Founding Partner, Climate Finance Advisors, BLLC

Stacy Swann

Stacy Swann is Climate Finance Advisors’ CEO & Founding Partner. Her finance/fund management expertise focuses on catalyzing climate-related investments, blended finance, addressing climate risk in investment, and climate-related financial policy.
Director, Generate Capital

Marisa Sweeney

Marisa Sweeney is a Director on the Investment team at Generate Capital, a finance company that partners with project developers and technology manufacturers in the renewable energy, technology, and sustainability sectors. 
Investment Associate, Pollination

Christiane Tan

Christiane is currently working as an Investment Associate at Pollination, an investment and advisory firm dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net zero, climate resilient future. Previously, she worked at Temasek as an Investment Associate in industrials.
Senior Program Manager, Frontier Energy Inc

Lacey Tan

Lacey is a leader in energy efficiency and decarbonization programs, managing the organization and delivery of program activities, marketing and outreach activities, and maintaining key relationships with multiple stakeholders.
Senior Climate Risk Analyst, The Climate Service

Katherine Taylor

Katherine specializes in quantifying the financial risks of climate change. Her current research focuses on impacts to investment portfolios. Katherine’s background is in advanced analytics and quantitative finance.
Co-Founder, ClimateRaise

Maki Tazawa

Maki is an intersectional environmental professional and writer focused on social innovation in natural capital and climate. She has worked with organisations like the CREO Syndicate, National Audubon Society, and is a co-founder of ClimateRaise.
Project Lead, The Climate Service

Allie Thompson

Allie Thompson is a graduate of Valparaiso University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Geoscience with minors in Atmospheric Science and Mathematics. She also holds a Master’s in Sustainable Urban Planning from George Washington University.
Senior Community Manager, SecondMuse

Shelby Thompson

Shelby is responsible for program execution and culture for the SecondMuse For ClimateTech accelerator programs in NY. She is cultivating a more inclusive, diverse, and supportive community for women within hardware and climate tech.
Co-founder and CEO, Climate Companion

Cindi Thompson

With 20+ yrs in academia & industry, Cindi has contributed to Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning research, led a data science team + dozens of projects, and now dedicating her career to stabilizing the climate.  She attracted a co-founder, building their MVP.
Data Scientist, Risq

Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson is a data scientist with experience in the retail, job board, and tv advertising industries. She currently volunteers for Risq, a start up working to measure localized climate risk to motivate community-lead climate adaptation.
EVP Corporate Operations, Carbon Lighthouse

Neha Tibrewala

Neha has worked in clean energy for a decade. She currently leads operations at Carbon Lighthouse, which is focused on curbing emissions in the built environment. Prior to that, she worked on clean energy solutions in the developing world.
Industrial Engineering Student, North Carolina State University

June Tobin

June is currently studying at NC State University pursuing a major in Industrial Engineering and a minor in German. 
Certification Manager, Climate Neutral

Isabella Todaro

Bella manages the end-to-end certification process for Climate Neutral, which includes management of the open source Brand Emissions Estimator, a simplified brand-level carbon footprinting tool.
Senior Consultant, Guidehouse

Emily Toland

Emily Toland focuses on Strategy and Policy consulting at Guidehouse where she has a special interest in advising clients on intersectional, climate-related challenges and empowering women in the workplace. She holds degrees from Harvard and Yale.
Senior Associate, Infrastructure & Power, Ares Management

McKean Tompkins

McKean works on the infrastructure and power team at Ares Management, with a focus on climate infrastructure investments. Before Ares, she worked on the project finance and asset management teams at Cypress Creek Renewables. She also holds her CFA.
Podcast Host of Make Peas Not Beef, VICE Media

Lilly Tong

Lilly Tong is a software engineer, freelance journalist, climate activist and host of podcast “Make Peas Not Beef” – a fun, informative podcast about making peace with oneself and the world.
STEM Author and Educator, ErinEDU, LLC

Erin Twamley

Erin Twamley is an author and educator creating nonfiction children’s books and providing hands-on STEM encounters that engage the next generation of learners in protecting and creating a sustainable planet.
Senior Analyst, Cadmus Group

Sarah Tyrrell

Sarah Tyrrell specializes in renewable and clean energy policy as well as renewable energy market development strategy.
Chief of Staff, Elemental Excelerator, Inc.

Melissa Uhl

Melissa is Chief of Staff at Elemental Excelerator, driving strategy and developing opportunities that further the mission.
Entrepreneur, Woodes Consulting LLC

Favour Usifo

Favour is currently building a sustainable African business model that will reduce carbon emission. She has a Master of Advanced Management degree from Yale University.
Director of Energy Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

Nneka Uzoh

Nneka Uzoh leads Elemental’s energy vertical and supports companies on their path to scale, leveraging her experience incorporating innovation and new technology into PG&E and NextEra. Nneka helps entrepreneurs with grid-tied solutions find opportunities.
Customer Success Lead,
The Climate Service

Lisa Veliz Waweru

Lisa Veliz Waweru is a Customer Success Lead at The Climate Service, a SaaS Climate Risk Analytics Provider. Lisa supports customers to incorporate climate risk analytics into their decision making. Her prior work includes deploying Enterprise climate risk programs, web applications, and processes within Pacific Gas & Electric to leverage forward-looking climate data for business insights. 
Intern, Queensland Investment Corporation

Clothilde Venereau

Clothilde is a recent Stanford Engineering grad, focused on clean energy. Currently, she interns at QIC working on infrastructure climate risks assessments. Her previous experience is in California grid modeling, electrification, climate risks and sustainable finance.
Business Operations Manager, Terrafuse

Silvia Vieira

Silvia Viera has 5+ years of experience with operations and technical communication in fast-growth climate technology companies. Her specialties include: battery storage, solar energy, water contamination, business operations, and customer research.
Master's candidate - International Environmental Policy, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Elisabeth von Halem

Currently focusing her studies on Sustainability Management, Elisabeth intends to combine her past career experiences in philanthropy, business, and coaching with her deep understanding of the challenges today’s leaders in climate face.
Section Manager, Lessons Learned, Ontario Power Generation

Fiona Eva Walker

Fiona Walker is the Section Manager, Lessons Learned at Ontario Power Generation, Darlington Refurbishment U2341, where Fiona coordinates and helps to lead the Lessons Learned program through the phases of Identification, Documentation, Evaluation.

Sr. Associate, ClimateWorks Foundation

Frances Wang

Frances Wang‘s work advances the science and policy of carbon dioxide removal technologies while ensuring it is deployed in an equitable and sustainable way.
Product Manager, Kevala

Laura Wang

Laura works as a Product Manager at Kevala, a clean tech software start up focused on the integration and behavior of DERs on the distribution grid. She has previous experience in climate policy at the state, federal, and international level.
COO, Mineral Carbonation International

Sophia Hamblin Wang

Sophia Hamblin Wang is a carbon technologist, circular economy expert, speaker, university lecturer and diversity advocate. She is the COO of Mineral Carbonation International (MCi), a technology platform that transforms CO2 into valuable products.
Practice Leader, Corporate Climate Risk and Resilience, WSP

Emily Wasley

Emily Wasley lead’s WSP USA’s corporate climate risk, adaptation, and resilience practice. She is a climate change adaptation professional passionate about empowering everyone to thrive in the face of uncertainty. With over 16 years of demonstrated experience, she thrives when partnering with diverse, whole community members to understand, assess, and co-design solutions to address climate change. She is an adaptive thought leader connecting climate change science with future scenario planning and strategic foresight to prepare people, businesses, and communities to be Future ReadyTM.
Account Executive, Benecomms

Jaycie Weathers

Jaycie works as an Account Executive at Benecomms and manages the Women in Climate Tech community. She earned her BA in Environmental Policy and Master of Public Policy from Loyola University Chicago before moving to San Francisco. Previously, she worked at a tech startup with a focus on ending food waste and improving cold chain efficiency.
Managing Director of Analytics, Cimetrics

Hadas Webb

Hadas leads a technology-enabled consulting group that helps C&I facilities reduce energy consumption. She has 20 years of experience in management, engineering, and analysis. She excels at facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration and program leadership.
Senior Manager - For Climatetech Portfolio, Secondmuse. Past- New York City Economic Development Corporation

Stacey Weismiller

Stacey is a Professional Economic Development expert focused on Scaling Climatetech hardware solutions and creating meaningful and just impact across climate sectors.
Climate tech marketing partner, X (formerly Google X)

Kyla Westphal

Kyla is a marketing and communications professional with over 10 years of experience in clean tech and climate tech. At X, she works with entrepreneurial teams working on breakthrough technologies with the potential to make an impact on the climate crisis.
Corporate Partnerships Communications Manager, The Arbor Day Foundation

Nicole Wheeler

After 15 years of working in ad tech and media, Nicole is now the Communications Manager for the Corporate Partnerships team at the Arbor Day Foundation, working with corporations and technical planting partners around the world.
Investment team, Lime Rock New Energy

Ali Willet

Ali Willet is an Associate at LRNE. Prior to joining, she was an investment banking analyst at Citi. Ali is a graduate of Boston College. Ali plays a critical role in the investigation and execution of LRNE’s investment opportunities.
Senior Director, Sustainability, Vail Resorts

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson has more than 17 years’ experience in climate change mitigation, adaptation, risk, policy, and sustainability strategy. She has led teams in-house at corporate, public companies, as a consultant, and as a policy advocate.
Innovation Strategist/Tech Scout, Booz Allen Hamilton

Doreen Wong

Doreen is a tech scout, venture partner, startup mentor, and board member of a university alumni group. Doreen brings over a decade of career and educational experience in climate and sustainability.
Assistant Project Manager - LEED AP BD+C, EllisDon Construction Services Inc.

Lindsay Woolvett

Lindsay works in
Architecture & Building Sciences, Municipality and Private Developer Projects. She has 7 Years Experience in the industry.
Master of Engineering Management Candidate '21, Duke University, National Ecological Observatory Network

Katie Wu

Katie Wu is a Duke Master of Engineering Management student interested in business-minded, technologically based energy and sustainability strategies that align with human well-being and prioritize awareness of broader social and environmental risks.
Co-founder, Work on Climate

Cassandra Xia

Cassandra Xia is a former Google software engineer. She likes spinning up websites and new initiatives, and has co-founded, &
Product Designer, Rad Design

Radka Yordanova

Radka is a Product Designer with an entrepreneur mindset, who loves to figure out the WHY and HOW behind the user-centric design. She is passionate about creating effective brands and delightful digital products.

CTO of Rally, Coinbase

Melissa Zhang

Melissa is a first-time founder interested in the community and climate tech space. I started a peer accountability group around sustainability ( to help individuals identify ways they can help fight the climate crisis.

Senior Associate, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC UK

Monica Zolczer

Monica is a Senior Associate in the PwC consulting business, and University of Cambridge graduate.  She is passionate about innovation, technology, and global challenges including climate resilience and net zero. She is motivated to ensure the 4IR is a sustainable revolution.

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