A Platform for Women Working and Investing in Technology that will Help the World Combat the Climate Crisis, Support Mitigation and Adaptation.
Our members are mid to senior level women in climate technology and investment companies around the world. We come together once a month to share ideas, network, build our speaking and professional profiles, and contribute to the growth of diverse thought in the climate tech arena.

Aia Abul-Haj

Cofounder - Business Development Manager, SOLVillion
An award-winning engineer with 9+ years of experience in Business Development,
Aia Abul-Haj has a BSC in industrial engineering and a Master in Built Environment, she is currently co-founder of SOLVillion which provides Solutions in the Water & Sanitation Field.

Nivi Achanta

CEO, Soapbox Project
Nivi Achanta is the founder and CEO of Soapbox Project, a media startup that makes it easy for busy people to take action on causes they care about. Each week, they send out bite-sized action plans on social and environmental issues.

Aashna Aggarwal

Vice President of Growth, Energeia
Aashna is a student of MS in Sustainability Management at Columbia University & holds a BS in Economics from Duke University. Previously, she has worked on climate change and cleantech projects in India, Peru, United States, Switzerland and Zambia.

Mandi Ainslie

Co-Founder & Head of Product, EarthUP
Mandi Ainslie is a data scientist, behavioral economist and software designer focused on using software to facilitate behavior change. As a co-founder of EarthUP, she has built a platform that simplifies sustainable living.

Teju Akande

International Trade Advisor (Energy & Infrastructure), UK Department of International Trade
Teju is a business mentor and adviser to UK SMEs in the energy and infrastructure sector. She works with C-Suite to develop new strategies and structures for business resilience, expansion growth and sustainability to transition to low carbon economy.

Samantha Albright

Process Engineer, Cemvita Factory
Samantha Albright is a Chemical Engineer with experience in Chemicals Manufacturing. She is currently a process engineer at Cemvita Factory where she applies her industry knowledge to develop the back-end operations for biotech processes.

Jamie Alexander

Director, Drawdown Labs, Project Drawdown
Jamie Alexander is the founding Director of Drawdown Labs at Project Drawdown, where she leads the organization’s work with the private sector to deploy climate solutions at scale.

Christina Allex

Environmental Educator, Peace Corps
Christina is a dedicated environmental professional with a background in policy and communications. Her previous work has been predominantly in non-profit NGO’s and education. She is seeking a role in environmental advocacy and innovative solutions.

Maria Duanne Andrade

Chief Financial and Strategic Officer, SELF - Solar and Energy Loan Fund
Since 2013, Duanne Andrade serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of the Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF), Florida. Andrade is responsible for raising capital as well as overseeing all financial aspects of SELF.

Quinn Antus

Executive Director, Signal Tech Coalition
Quinn is the co-founder of Signal Tech Coalition. She is an experienced non-profit leader and has supported the social impact of hundreds of entrepreneurs at the intersection of tech and social impact.

Rachael Aptowitz

Senior Associate, SecondMuse, Electric Vehicle Integration Engineer, General Motors
Rachael Aptowitz is a mechanical engineer and project manager with a background in the automotive industry. She currently leads the NYSERDA Scale For ClimateTech program, which accelerates hardware startups to market through manufacturing support.

Keisha Armand

Support Manager, Afresh
Keisha Armand is a  Support Manager at the food waste tech startup Afresh. In her free time, she provides career mentorship to those hoping to transition into a climate career to help build an intersectional, women-led, sustainable future. 🙂

Sadikshya Aryal

Co-founder, Himalayan Innovations
Ms. Sadikshya Aryal, is a women tech entrepreneur, Co-founder of Social Enterprise Himalayan Innovations and founding member of “Rural Development Initiative (RDI).  She leads Girls4rurals in Nepal.

Maryam Asghari

Researcher, Advanced Power and Energy Program
Maryam Asghari is a PhD Researcher in the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine and recipient of NSF GRFP fellowship. Through her research, she brings novel solusions to energy problems for building a 100% renewable and sustainable future.

Logan Ashcraft

Investment Associate, Congruent Ventures

Logan Ashcraft is a venture capital professional based in San Francisco. She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins and Yale. Logan is an avid supporter of female founders and investors. In her free time, she sails competitively and teaches yoga.


Aarati Asundi

Founder/ Science Communicator, CarbonNix

Aarati is the founder of CarbonNix, a science communications start-up working to bring together people from all areas of expertise (engineers, investors, policymakers, etc.) to tackle the climate change crisis. For more information, visit


Nkiruka Avila

Expert Innovation Engineer, Pacific Gas and Electric
Dr. Avila is an engineer and technical product manager with deep expertise in microgrid technologies, electricity access, climate change mitigation, and decarbonization strategy. She sits on the Board of Directors of Grid Alternatives Bay Area.

Aliya Bagewadi

Tech/Strategy Consultant Supporting Climate Tech Start-ups, ReD Associates (Currently self-employed/freelance)
Aliya spent 2 years in S.East Asia working on rural development projects. She did a masters on food security policy as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. She spent 3 years in strategy consulting/product development. She now works to support climate tech startups 🙂

Cristina Banahan

Global Director of Sustainability and Citizenship, TransUnion
Cristina is an experienced Sustainability Leader specializing in climate change issues. She is currently TransUnion’s Global Director of Sustainability and Citizenship. She holds a Juris Doctor and Climate Law Certificate from Vermont Law School.

Tanu Bansal

Principal Consultant, Transportation Data Alliance
Tanu is a transportation professional with a passion for quantitative analysis, developing forecasts, and managing complex databases. She has over 16 years of progressive professional experience in travel demand modeling, and environmental impact studies.

Rebecca Bar

Membership & Engagement Manager, SASB, Ceres
Rebecca Bar is an enthusiastic and energized sustainability professional with experience in the nonprofit world, working to facilitate private sector and institutional engagement on ESG reporting, sustainable investing and climate action.

Tanya Barham

CEO & Founder, Community Energy Labs
Tanya is a transforming spirit, innovation & vision into concrete action. She has early 20 years experience as an innovator, entrepreneur & utility nerd. She executes all aspects of technical service, product development, operations from idea phase to scale.

Leone Baron

Product Lead, Interwoven Impact CIC
Previously Sustainability Lead at TENZING Natural Energy, Leone is passionate about tech for good, and innovative solutions to complex global problems. She is Founder and Editor of

Melissa Bartow

Account Manager, Measurabl
Melissa Bartow focuses on the intersection of sustainability, real estate, and technology. As an early employee at Measurabl, the past five years she has been working with real estate owners and occupiers to measure, manage, and report on ESG data.

Carine Bataille

Partner Customer Success, Spare-it
Willing to do more for the environment, Carine joined Spare-it, a Boston-based cleantech startup that uses workplace live data to help companies engage their employees through a waste reduction challenge, while fostering a sustainability culture.

Christina Beckmann

Co-founder, Tomorrow's Air & Vice President Global Strategy at Adventure Travel Trade Association, Adventure Travel Trade Association
Christina Beckmann is Co-founder at Tomorrow’s Air, the world’s first collective of passionate travelers who clean up carbon from the atmosphere via direct air capture. She also has a management consulting and sustainable travel background.

Madeleine Bell

Greenfield Operations, Terraformation Inc
Previously working on solar-thermal desalination and now scaling carbon sequestration through biodiverse forest restoration worldwide. Strong believer that climate change is the greatest economic opportunity we have, if tackled right. Interested in early stage investment opportunities. 

Maryruth Belsey Priebe

Senior Policy Advisor, Alameda County Board of Supverisors (food/climate policy), Women, Peace and Security Research Advisor, Pacific Forum
Maryruth works at the intersection of women, international security, and climate change to sort the ineffective from the spectacular change-makers. Her focus is on approaches to empowering women in peacebuilding and as environmental entrepreneurs.

Olga Belyanina

VC Associate, Touchdown Ventures
Olga an early and growth stage VC focused on sustainability and supply chain.

Michelle Benavides

CEO, L.E. Rigby Innovations
Michelle Benavides is CEO of L.E. Rigby Innovations, on a mission to accelerate action in green building. She is USGBC Faculty, a LEED AP BD+C, and holds a Masters in Education. She trains a global audience on green building strategy.

Sarah Berman

Sustainability Developer, IKEA
Sarah is transitioning IKEA to an electric yard truck fleet nationally and driving interoperability in the electric vehicle charging market. She is Championing sustainable mobility for IKEA Co-workers and customers. She is also an Ambassador of IKEA’s facility sustainability practice.

Helen Bertelli

President + Founder, Benecomms
Helen Bertelli is founder & president of Benecomms, an award-winning marketing agency with a focus on climate and sustainability. A 23 year communications and marketing veteran, Helen is the founder of Women in Climate Tech, an organization founded to elevate women’s voice in the industry, and she is a member of the Association of Climate Change Officers’ Working Group on the Psychology & Sociology of Climate Denial, Skepticism, and Inertia.

Neha Bhambhani

Co-Founder, Munich Re
Neha is a seasoned Insurance Professional building new ventures in the Climate and Resiliency domain. She is passionate about bringing to life new solutions and capabilities that have an impact at large leveraging lean startup methodology.

Stacey Billups

Principal, Creative Director, YoJonesy, Inc.
Stacey Billups is an entrepreneurial technologist focused on critical infrastructure projects and skilled in digital product and UX design. A visionary thinker with a broad range of experience in and demonstrate ability to uncover product and design opportunities.

Katie Blum

Advisor, Manifest Climate
Katie is a CPA experienced in helping public and private sector companies perform climate-related risk and disclosure assessments. She supports organizations to integrate findings into business strategy, risk management, and corporate disclosure.

Alisa Bonsignore

Strategic Communications, Clarifying Complex Ideas
Alisa provides an enterprise-wide strategy for content design, development, and governance across silos, improving the user experience (UX). She works with clients in the areas of medical devices, network security, healthcare IT, and sustainability.

Holly Borden

Corporate Sponsor Development/Public Health/Renewable Energy Executive. Public Health & Sustainability Consulting/Marketing/Partnerships
Holly Mayo Borden, MPH, MBA.
Holly develops corporate sponsorships for the United Nations Projecting Change Project helping corporate brands align with & create marketing campaigns supporting UN Sustainability Goals or other sustainability goals.

Tanya Boyko

Principal, ArcTern Ventures
Tanya is an early-stage VC investing in breakthrough startups addressing sustainability issues (energy, mobility, advanced manufacturing & materials, circular economy, agtech & foodtech). Former operator, management consultant, civil & environmental engineer.

Elzine Braasch

Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultant, AECOM

Elzine is an Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultant on AECOM’s High-Performance team. She specializes in early-stage sustainability innovation, with a focus on improving the health and well-being of occupants within the built environment.

Catarina Braga

Analyst, 2° Investing Initiative
Catarina is a Brazilian economist with more than 10 years of experience in the financial market, focused on sustainable finance, central banking, and macroeconomics.

Tali Brennan

Associate Consultant, WSP
Tali Brennan is an Associate Consultant on WSP’s Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change team. With an educational background in environmental studies and management, Tali provides strategic and analytical support to clients.

Sea Briganti

Sea F. Briganti is the Co-Founder and CEO of LOLIWARE Inc. Established in 2016, LOLIWARE is a leading seaweed-based, climate tech company replacing single-use plastics.

Alison Brown

Founder | Sustainability & Impact-Communications Consultant | Creative, EnviroIssues | Environmental Communications Consultant
Alison is a sustainability and impact-driven communications consultant, strategic thinker, leader, and content director with over a decade of experience in issues-based communications in both the private and public sectors.

Brianna Brown

Software Engineer, Optimum Energy LLC
Brianna is a software engineer for an organization that reduces energy consumption of HVAC plants.

Sarah Brown

Senior Electricity Transition Analyst, Ember
Sarah joined Ember in October 2020 as Senior Electricity Transition Analyst, leading the research and data analysis on the transition to renewable energy in Europe. Previously she spent 15 years energy trading across European, Australian, and UK markets.

Elle Brunsdale

Investment Associate, Greenbacker Capital, Investment Analyst, D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments
Elle Brunsdale is an Investor and strategist focused on scaling sustainable solutions. She’s excited by opportunities to leverage innovative technologies and financing mechanisms to drive deep decarbonization across sectors and enhance the resilience of natural systems.

Suzanna Buck

Impact Investor, MBA Student, Chicago Booth
Suzanna is an Impact investor scaling the next generation of solutions-driven business.  Her expertise is in cross-sector sustainability, environmental justice, and the intersection of finance and transformative change.

Maria Buitron

Investor, Piva Capital
Suzanna is an Impact investor scaling the next generation of solutions-driven business.  Her expertise is in cross-sector sustainability, environmental justice, and the intersection of finance and transformative change.

Christie Burley

Senior Consultant, Baringa Partners
Christie has 5+ years of experience in climate technology, innovation and sustainability, including working for the International Air Transport Association, International Airlines Group, UNEP, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Jie Cai

Data Analyst, Robinhood
Jie is a Data Analyst on Robinhood’s growth team, where she works on customer churn/retention work as well as women’s initiatives. She’s passionate about the intersection of technology and business with sustainability.

Stella Cao

Vice President, Rabobank
Stella Cao is a Vice President at Rabobank. As a member of the project finance team, she is responsible for structuring and execution of project finance transactions in the renewable energy and food & agriculture related sectors.

Elle Carberry

Director, Strategy & Sustainability, Energy, Environment & Utility Industries, IBM
Elle brings global, commercial development experience at the intersection of AI/data analytics and greentech and from growing seven new enterprises in the US and China. She is an entrepreneur in spirit, natural builder of ecosystems and IBM-trained.

Michelle Carter

Agricultural and Environmental Researcher, Healthy Babies Bright Futures
Michelle has recently completed my B.S. in biology and geology and my MS in Law. She’ll be attending Duke University with a specialization in conservation policy and technology to advocate for sustainable long-term environmental restoration methods and tech.

Megan Reilly Cayten

Senior Advisor, Javelin Capital // Blue Carbon Lead, Oceans 2050 // adviser to voluntary carbon credit issuers and buyers Current or past relevant employer Javelin Capital, Oceans 2050
Megan works in design, finance, implements and manages low-carbon, high-impact projects and businesses, especially in emerging markets. Currently building a wind farm (Dominican Republic), creating a seaweed blue carbon market, active in voluntary carbon markets.

Anne-Clotilde Chaboussant

Sustainability Projects Coordinator, L'Oreal
Anne-Clotilde is a Scientist specialized in sustainability and cosmetic projects managements.

Jordan Chamberlain

Director of Climate Solutions, Persefoni
Jordan builds sustainability strategies grounded in data and science. She focuses on driving meaningful action and collaboration throughout the value chain.

Sarah Champion

Data Architect for the National Climate Assessment, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, North Carolina State University
Sarah is in the business of providing open quality climate science information. She is a Data (formally) and Information (informally) Architect, Climate Science Researcher, and U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Caroline Choudhury

Mobility Coordinator, Bedrock Detroit
Caroline is a mobility professional currently living and working in the City of Detroit. She has always been passionate about environment and sustainability and is seeking climate related career opportunities.

Yi Jean Chow

Investment Principal, Future Energy Ventures
Yi Jean Chow is currently an Investment Principal at Future Energy Ventures (Corporate VC of E.On – Germany energy utility). Previously Head of Product at Verv, an energy tech start-up in London, with a background in operations and strategy consulting.

Karina Chung

Intern, The Lightsmith Group
Karina is a driven intern for The Lightsmith Group aspiring to apply machine learning and data mining techniques to climate science, policy, and finance.

Carrie Christopher

Director ESG, Splunk Inc.
Carrie Christopher is a “Bridger” who collaborates with executive leadership, business functions, and stakeholders to develop and operationalize sustainability strategies and disclosures that create shared value and positive social outcomes.

Heather Clancy

Editorial Director, GreenBiz
Heather Clancy is an award-winning journalist specializing in transformative technology and innovation related to corporate climate action. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.

Emily Cohen

CDO @ Primergy Solar, Primergy Solar, ENGIE, Infinity Renewables, Element Power, Acciona Energy, Clipper Windpower
In the last 20 years of her career, Emily Cohen has been devoted to bringing primarily wind, but also solar, projects online to do whatever we can to fight climate change, while being passionate about advancing women in all types of roles within the industry.

Lori Collins

Owner and Principal, Collins Climate Consulting
Lori Collins is owner and principal of Collins Climate Consulting, a strategic advisory that helps businesses and communities accelerate their shifts to a low-carbon economy.

Laura Combs

Business Development Manager, Eagle Solar & Light
Laura has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning/Environmental Planning. She won several awards for her work to recover the endangered Florida manatee. She has lived in the Raleigh, NC area 14 years and is having a ball selling solar.

Gaby Coseteng

Analyst, Business Development, Clearway Energy Group
Gaby is passionate about accelerating the global transition to an equitable and decarbonized economy. At Clearway, she supports the acquisition and development of solar, storage, and wind projects across the US.

Astrid Countee

Chief of Staff, Cemvita Factory
Astrid is a biomedical anthropologist and technologist with a background in energy, technology, and social impact projects. She helps lead internal organizations at Cemvita Factory where we create carbon-negative solutions for heavy industry.

Alicia Cramer

Sr, V.P. for the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Rural Communities, President Westervelt Renewable Energy (past life), The US Endowment for Forestry and Communities
Alicia’s current philanthropic work includes program oversight and development in forestry. 30 years of professional experience in the forest, fiber and conservation sectors including renewable energy platform development and mitigation banking start-up.

Sarah Crooks

Community & Development Lead, INDEED Innovation
Sarah helps our clients capitalize on their potential in the circular economy and the benefits of the triple-bottom-line. By linking business and design, I help create new partnerships, offerings, and strategic opportunities. (Longer bioavailable)

Natasha Crowe

US Head of Marketing & PR, Octopus Energy
Natasha is a digital marketing veteran with over 20 years in the biz. She was able to recently make the jump to represent a brand and mission she cares deeply about at Octopus Energy, an EnTech company enabling cheaper, greener energy for all.

Sarah Cullinan

Economist, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
Sarah is a environmental and energy economist, former economics and environmental consultant for clients in law, fianance, Fortune 500, and federal government. Currently, she works in State government as a Regulatory Economist.

Manuella Cunha Brito

Co-founder and COO, Good Tech Lab
Manuella is co-founder and COO of Good Tech Lab. She is driven by the mission of reversing climate change while reducing inequalities. She co-authored “The Frontiers of Impact Tech” and mapped 500+ innovations tackling the UN SDGs.

Paige Curtis

Product Manager,
Upstream Tech
Paige Curtis‘ interest lies at the intersection of sustainability, equity and impact. She’s currently part of the Product team at Upstream Tech, where she leverages her background in sustainability and business consulting to derive customer insights that inform product planning and prioritization.

Joanna Dafoe

National Director, Climate Risk, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Joanna is an advocate for ambitious climate law and policy, and currently serves as National Director of Climate Change with the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Dianne Dain

COPXX Co-founder, WHO Innovation, World Humanitarian Forum Chief Innovation Officer, United Nations, UN Reboot Accelerator, UN Technology Innovation Labs
Dianne is passionate about the impact of climate change on women and their children. Mothers will be impacted the most and hold most of the knowledge for survival. The feminine principles of community, care and compassion should lead tech development.

Marie-Alix Dalle

PhD student, Université du Luxembourg
Marie is a Generalist Engineer specialized in water treatment and water quality now working on low-tech water desalination technology.
Engaged in Climate Change sensitization (TeachTheShift) and action (local cooperative grocery shop, community garden…)

Erin Damato

Program Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Arcadia
Erin is a Program Manager at Arcadia where she leads enterprise software implementations. She is responsible for supporting the corporate development team by designing innovative solutions for solar, EV, retail supply, and FinTech companies.

Prentiss Darden

Co-founder, Resilience Domain, Munich Re
Prentiss Darden develops business ventures to build resilience to natural catastrophes and climate risk across industry and government.

Hannah Davis

Program Director, Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy
Hannah is the Program Director for Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy based in Denver Colorado and the co-founder of ClimateRaise, connecting investors with women-led climate tech deal flow.

Sophie Davis

Operations Manager, Sofar Ocean Technologies
Sophie is an Operations and Recruiting Manager at an ocean data startup, Sofar Ocean. She helps keep the lights on and get the world’s most talented ocean enthusiasts in the door.

Jessica Dell

Product Manager, Arcadia
Jessica Dell is a Product Manager at Arcadia, a technology company expanding access to clean energy nationwide, focused on improving Arcadia’s tech stack and internal billing and payment operations.

Kelly Devan

Vice President, Association of Computational Machinery
Kelly is a Data Scientist/Machine Modeler | WiDS Ambassador | Ironman Athlete | Cellist Player (ABRSM/Philharmonic Orchestra)

Juliette Devillard

Partnership Manager, Networks, Activate
Juliette is a systems thinker, strategist, and skilled communicator, working to help deep tech startups commercialize impactful technologies

Kerri Devine

Director of Engineering, Arcadia
Kerri is the Director of Engineering at Arcadia, a platform for consumers to drive demand for clean energy. Her passion lies in building a more sustainable future, which includes increasing diversity in tech.

Nicole Dienst

Intern in the Colgate University Office of Sustainability, Colgate University
Nicole is an aspiring sustainability and corporate responsibility professional. Current junior at Colgate University studying environmental economics and English literature, skilled in large-scale research projects and the implementation of sustainable strategy.

Jenny Dissen

Engagement and Partnerships, NC Institute for Climate Studies
Jenny Dissen is the Corporate Relations and Partnerships lead at NCICS. She serves as the NCICS engagement lead for the NOAA Big Data Program, manages the U.S. Department of State and NOAA U.S.-India Partnership for Climate Resilience.

Susan Dorward

Sustainability & Energy Coordinator, Raritan Valley Community College
Susan studied carbon management at Columbia. Working with the OpenAir Collective ( to advance low-carbon concrete legislation (A5223) in NJ. I am the Sustainability & Energy Coordinator at Raritan Valley Community College in NJ.

Tara Doubiago

Account Executive, Benecomms
Tara has a background in social media, marketing, and PR. She taught personal branding and professional social media as an adjunct professor at UNCC. She has also written a white paper on social media trends. At Benecomms, she is an account executive.

Julie Eaton Ernst

Lead Resiliency Engineer, Weston & Sampson
Julie is the Lead Resiliency Engineer and champion of the Climate Resilience strategic initiative at Weston & Sampson. I work on diverse infrastructure, buildings, and natural resources projects providing climate resilience planning and design services.

Jessica Eastling

Senior Associate, Better Ventures
Jessica is a Senior Associate at Better Ventures, an early-stage venture firm in Oakland backing mission-driven founders. At Better Ventures Jessica focuses mainly on supporting sustainability and health-focused companies.

Nicole Efron

Manager, Clean Energy Transportation,
Pacific Gas & Electric

Nicole Efron is a manager in Pacific Gas & Electric’s clean transportation group, leading infrastructure programs to accelerate EV adoption in California. Her prior work includes energy storage project development and grid technology development.

Amrutha Elamparuthy

Global Change Information System Lead, U.S. Global Change Research Program

Amrutha leads the Global Change Information System (GCIS), an open-source, web-based system established by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to coordinate and integrate global change information with a focus on federal information products.

Aya El Samad

Outreach and Partnership Manager, Applied Negative Emissions Centre

Aya is the Outreach and Partnership Manager at the Applied Negative Emissions Centre. With a background in environmental sciences and environmental partnership management, Aya is working on creating partnerships for sustainability.

Jacqueline Ennis

Climate and Data Strategy Fellow, Climate Cabinet

Jacqueline is currently a graduating master’s student within Stanford University’s Atmosphere & Energy Engineering program and a Climate & Data Strategy Fellow at Climate Cabinet. Formerly NRDC, Facebook, and DE Shaw.

Rachel Ett

Associate Director of Origination & Power Marketing, EDF Renewables

Rachel Ett is an Associate Director of Origination & Power Marketing at EDF Renewables, focused on sourcing and offtake negotiation efforts for corporate customers.

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